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Events & Fundraising

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School Socials 7-9 PM

School Socials are a fun way for students to gather socially for a couple of hours.

There is a DJ in the gym and the other half of the gym is dedicated to basketball. Foosball and ping-pong tables are in the hallway for use along with some tables and chairs.

Refreshments are sold for minimal costs consisting of juice, water, snacks, and often pizza. Casual attire is recommended as it gets very warm in the gym.

Tickets are usually $5, but assistance is always offered if contacted in advance. 

September 22 - WEB Social  (6th Grade and 8th grade WEB leaders)
October 13 - 7th Grade

October 27 - 6th Grade
November 3 - 8th Grade
December 1-  Student Council Social (All grades)
February 2- 6th Grade
March 8 - 7th Grade 
April 26 - Student Council Social (All grades)

May TBD - 8th Grade Event

Fall 2023 Spiritwear Flyer.png

Spirit wear is always available from the site, but you'll have to pay shipping to have it sent to your home. We will have another Spring sale where shipping will be free and items will be distributed at school. 

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